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A devision of APCOM Records Music Group.

Spikey Records

Sikey Records recording company. Serving the needs of artists and music lovers for the very best in entertainment!

Our objective is to introduce our artists and recordings and to make the recordings avalable. People don't want to spend time searching, so our home page will attempt to highlight the artists and their styles. We view the internet as an important portal, giving the customers the information and news they want at a glance, and offering lots of links to assist them in this site.

We feature different artists on the home page, along with links to web pages so people can get more information and downloadable samples of their music. Also, keep watching for our periodic contests! Our contest is simple, the winner will receive a temorary link to their web page to attract more publicity! And as we all know, publicity is everything! Check our Contest page for rules and details!

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Customer Accolades

The best advertising is word of mouth, so we may peroidicly include some comments from some of our Artist's Fans.
One fan writes:

"When I heard the song "When I Go Home" by Jerry Tackett on his latest CD, "Hell-Billy Angel" I bought a copy for my Mother for Mother's Day. She swears it's the best gift she's ever received!"

Leslie Smith
Saint Paul, MN

Jerry Tackett

One of our Featured Artist, Jerry Tackett and his CD "Hell-Billy Angel." Click on the picture for free downloadable MP3 demos from this CD. Don't forget to check this artist's newsletter section for song list, ordering info, and Fan Newsletter updates!

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